Friday, June 25, 2010

Science and....

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Kindly excuse me.

Ok, let us get something out of the way at the outset. Then we can be clear where we are going.

People consider science great. Some of them refuse to accept the spirituality/God etc. as there is no scientific proof.

Now I want to pose a question. Does science know everything?

Obviously not.

When every year so many discoveries are made, how can it not be obvious? What was discovered today was not known last year.

Until the airplane was discovered, flying was thought to be impossible. But now?

Ah! You got the idea! What science said impossible last year, it says it is possible today. Such things are happening daily. As the human’s knowledge keeps expanding, more and more equipments come into being yesterday’s concepts fall like a house of cards. Who knows what surprises science holds for us tomorrow? Therefore, no categorical statement can be made as to a thing not existing. All that can be said is that as per today’s knowledge it is possible/ does not exist.

That is all.

So, can you give me some proof that God exists?

mmmm… Unfortunately, most of us lack the apparatus to realise His presence.

Just as you need eyes to see colours, ears to hear sounds we need something special to realise Him. Those who acquired that apparatus by penance have told categorically that God exists.

Just as we very naturally accept scientist who have experimented and told us, “This is so that is so” and we believe them, we should believe the risis who had no vested interest and lived in austerity.

Spirituality is not really a belief system but a matter of experience. You experience something and realise God exists.

Anyway, if one says that God is a belief then saying God does not exist is also another belief. Who is to say who is right? A believer might get a spiritual experience, get the proof and realise God but the non-believer will be in belief forever.

Think over that one and meanwhile..... “au revoir!”

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