Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who am I ?

Who am I ?

To find the answer for this question is what spirituality is all about.

You may laugh. You may point to yourself and say this is who I am. Where is the confusion?

Oh, yeah? Are you pointing to your body and saying , “This is who I am”?

Yes of course!

So this body is you?

Yes, it is.

Ok, what is this?

This is my shirt.

And this?

This is my pen.

The shirt and pen are yours? Yes, they are.

But you are not the shirt or pen.

Of course not!

So this is your hand? Yes, it is.

This is your leg? Yes it is.

The hand and leg are yours, but they are not you, right?

They alone are not me, no.

In the same way this body is yours but it is not you.


Ok. So someone –say X - dies and his body is very much there. Still we say X is dead. How can that be?


It is so common to say my body pains, my body is tired.

So who is the real I ?

Perhaps the mind is the real me! The western philosophy says I think, therefore I am.


Cogito ergo sum (French Je pense donc je suis; English: "I think, therefore I am"), often mistakenly stated as Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum (English: "I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am"),[1] is a philosophical statement in Latin used by René Descartes, which became a fundamental element of Western philosophy.

Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cogito_ergo_sum


Well, you sleep. There are two kinds of sleep. One is where you dream. Second is when you don’t dream. When you dream you exist certainly as it is you who walks, jumps, laughs – of course all in dream. At that time it appears very real. What about the other? When you don’t dream? You don’t exist? Still when you wake up you say, “I had such a nice sleep. Never knew anything!” Aha! You never knew anything as your mind was not functioning but still you existed? Where did you go and from where did you return? And who is that you who felt that happiness of undisturbed sleep?

So the real you is something that is not body, that is not mind but something else.

How do I get to know who this real me is?

Getting to know that is a process called sadana.

There are several types but they are generally clubbed into four ways.

Why and how can there be different ways? Not a single way for the truth? Are there several truths?

There are different ways because all of us are not the same. Some like action always and some the intellectual way. Some can sit and control their breath and many cannot.

Therefore different ways are suggested. We may choose a way that is more suitable to us and get on. Whatever way you choose the end result will be the same – realisation.

How can that be?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Science and....

This blog is meant to be a feed for our website swaminathar.org and so until that gets really going the posts will be a bit erratic.

Kindly excuse me.

Ok, let us get something out of the way at the outset. Then we can be clear where we are going.

People consider science great. Some of them refuse to accept the spirituality/God etc. as there is no scientific proof.

Now I want to pose a question. Does science know everything?

Obviously not.

When every year so many discoveries are made, how can it not be obvious? What was discovered today was not known last year.

Until the airplane was discovered, flying was thought to be impossible. But now?

Ah! You got the idea! What science said impossible last year, it says it is possible today. Such things are happening daily. As the human’s knowledge keeps expanding, more and more equipments come into being yesterday’s concepts fall like a house of cards. Who knows what surprises science holds for us tomorrow? Therefore, no categorical statement can be made as to a thing not existing. All that can be said is that as per today’s knowledge it is possible/ does not exist.

That is all.

So, can you give me some proof that God exists?

mmmm… Unfortunately, most of us lack the apparatus to realise His presence.

Just as you need eyes to see colours, ears to hear sounds we need something special to realise Him. Those who acquired that apparatus by penance have told categorically that God exists.

Just as we very naturally accept scientist who have experimented and told us, “This is so that is so” and we believe them, we should believe the risis who had no vested interest and lived in austerity.

Spirituality is not really a belief system but a matter of experience. You experience something and realise God exists.

Anyway, if one says that God is a belief then saying God does not exist is also another belief. Who is to say who is right? A believer might get a spiritual experience, get the proof and realise God but the non-believer will be in belief forever.

Think over that one and meanwhile..... “au revoir!”

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Welcome to the posts on Spirituality!

Is this blog for you? We aim at today's modern Indian youth mainly (that does not mean others should not read these!) who have lost the opportunity to read write in their native language. Well, we are not going into why and how of that question. We simply want to present the opportunity to kick-start learning the vast spiritual knowledge of our great country.

The posts will examine the basic ways and approaches to spirituality that our forefathers have prescribed in their infinite wisdom.

If you have already read our other blog anmikam4dumbme in Tamil there may not be much more here, though I propose to use a more easy approach with out sticking to any real format. The topics will be basic in nature. We aim to present things with a little humour and make it as painless as possible to understand 'spiritual glossary' words. Hardly any page will exceed "two page downs" and so you need not spend more than a minute or so a day. Postings will be only on week ends.

We would like to answer questions as long as they are honest, the mind is open and there is a real quest to know. We would like to avoid any arguments here if it is just for the sake of argument. It is our experience that there are guys who keep browsing the net just to find blogs on spirituality and bash the writers. That wont work here for long. Such comments will be trashed without a second thought. So please be careful about what you write.

That said, welcome to this blog!