Thursday, June 24, 2010


Welcome to the posts on Spirituality!

Is this blog for you? We aim at today's modern Indian youth mainly (that does not mean others should not read these!) who have lost the opportunity to read write in their native language. Well, we are not going into why and how of that question. We simply want to present the opportunity to kick-start learning the vast spiritual knowledge of our great country.

The posts will examine the basic ways and approaches to spirituality that our forefathers have prescribed in their infinite wisdom.

If you have already read our other blog anmikam4dumbme in Tamil there may not be much more here, though I propose to use a more easy approach with out sticking to any real format. The topics will be basic in nature. We aim to present things with a little humour and make it as painless as possible to understand 'spiritual glossary' words. Hardly any page will exceed "two page downs" and so you need not spend more than a minute or so a day. Postings will be only on week ends.

We would like to answer questions as long as they are honest, the mind is open and there is a real quest to know. We would like to avoid any arguments here if it is just for the sake of argument. It is our experience that there are guys who keep browsing the net just to find blogs on spirituality and bash the writers. That wont work here for long. Such comments will be trashed without a second thought. So please be careful about what you write.

That said, welcome to this blog!


  1. thanks and good beginning

  2. lk and gouthaman! thanks for the encouraging words!

  3. Namaste Thivaji
    Welcome and Happy to see you on the new blog. I am the first one to follow your blog. Are you going to publish tamil or english or both?
    Eager to read them all. Thanks.


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