Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a good exercise!

In the earlier days, and strictly speaking even now, the action that is referred to is what is prescribed by the sastras to one’s varna. To be more specific it referred to the yagnas, homas and such rituals. In that division of labor each person as ensured a job and his livelihood was taken care of. No one would dream of doing what is another person’s job.
But these days the varna system has become complicated due to mixing of the genetic material over time. There are umpteen numbers of new jobs. So what does one do? These days there is confusion as to what is one’s karma. Steeped in orthodoxy I stand for looking at it based on what is said in the sastras but one needs to think about it and determine it for oneself. If you choose to take it to mean whatever one is doing, fine. God in his infinite wisdom put us in some place to work; so let us do it to our utmost efficiency and leave the result to Him accepting whatever he dishes out as his prasad. It could be what we aimed at; or something less; or something more; or something entirely different. That would be a good exercise!

This is the karma route. So what is next?

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