Saturday, July 3, 2010

why all of us should not follow the gnana path?

So why all of us should not follow the gnana path?

That is because not all of us have the sharp intellect and power of sustained analysis. On the other hand it is much easier to acknowledge a power that is beyond us from experience. And give it a name - God. And relate to that by praying and rituals. We can relate to him in the way we choose- a friend, a teacher, a guide... keep doing this and we will certainly evolve.

But usually we don’t see anyone evolving like this!

Though in small numbers, they are there. But we don’t see them. What we usually find are people who either fear “Gods” or want something done from desires. This fear factor has slowly disappeared over time. Some 80 years back people will fear that god will punish them for wrong doings. Not anymore. I consider this a drawback however unreasonable it may sound. What people want to believe these days is that they can do so many things that are not right and by going to temples and worshipping they can wipe those sins away. Another factor is that their wants have increased. Gone are those days when people will be happy if their tummy is full and they have reasonable clothes to wear and can live under a roof that does not leak too much.

 So what do they ask of god?
I want a lot of money; a good job where work is light and the pay packet heavy; want a child; want school admission for my child; want it to get good marks; when it grows want a seat in triple E course in a premium college; want a good alliance; want the dil also to earn a lot; want a grandchild.... a circle again. It never stops growing

Would that be wrong? To ask god what you think you need in life?

Well not wrong in the beginning. Most come to god initially for fulfilling their needs. Somewhere along the line they must realise that this list is unending. People should love god without wanting something in return. Stay here and there will be no evolution.

We will see this evolution of bhakti in later chapters.

For now we shall consider the next option to go to Chennai. Via Pondicherry and ECR.
This path is called the karma yoga.

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