Friday, July 9, 2010

The karma way

This path is called the karma yoga.

I know what karma is. That is fate. What we get from the previous birth, right?
Well, nor exactly. Karma means action. That is all. Since Hinduism says all actions have reactions and if that is not delivered in that birth it can and will be delivered in the next births too. That is why we usually think of karma as fate.

This way involves doing one’s prescribed work. Doing it with utmost care and devotion to the best of one’s ability. Doing it with shradhdha and leaving the result of the action to god - to give as deemed fit. This in short is karma route.

Oh, this is what is told in Bhagavat Gita. Do your duty and don’t expect results.

No, it is not so.

Not so?

Yes, this is the usual misunderstanding that is widely prevalent.
No one in their right senses will work - do anything without expecting results. What Lord Krishna says is “You have right only to do the action. Don’t expect the result to be this or that. you might want the result to be this or that but you don’t have a right on the what the result be.

So what is the big difference?

We shall see….

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