Sunday, October 24, 2010

the gnana route 3

So the pot is ephemeral. The mountain over there that is this permanent? Is that right?
Well think about it. It's the mountain permanent? There's a quarry over there. Seven years down the line the monitor will disappear.
Oh! looks like nothing is permanent.
Yes that is quite true. Though it appears superficially that everything is permanent, nothing is so. Everything will get destroyed one day. Usually we see what our mind tells us. See the leaf here ? This looks green right?
Of course it is green.
But are you sure you're seeing what I am seeing?
What do you mean? Of course I do.
Well from the childhood you're being told that this is green. So you're saying this is green. That does not really need that you are seeing it the same way that I do. I may be seeing it as red but you are seeing it as green. But both of us call it Green.
Of course how can it see what you are seeing I can't enter in your mind.
Exactly! Therefore we believe whatever our mind tells us. That may not be true.
Suppose we show the pot to a geologist. He will say that the mud is pure and of high quality . show it your mother. She will say that it you'd be great to store water. Those who see the mud do not see the pot. Those who see the pot do not see the mud.
In the same way the Bremen has manifested as the universe. Those who see the universe do not see the brahman. Those who see the brahman may not see the universe. These are the people who are called gnanies.
Well, can I become a gnani?
One can, by doing vicara.
Can you explain the procedure?
That is basically the inquiry into who am I? and what is this universe? How did this come about? What is the relationship between me and this universe?
But to do this you had to purify your mind, cleanse your mind so that it can contemplate on higher things. For the present this will do. We can go into to details later.

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