Thursday, October 28, 2010

how to get gnana...

You asked me how to get gnana ….
Our forefathers have shown us the way it is called sadhana chatushtayam.
Don't be flustered with the jargon. It only means that the process has four stepes . Sadhana is the effort.
Let us enumerate them.
The first is viveka which tells us what is it to ephemeral and what is not. It is called nitya and anitya.
The second is not to have any desire pertaining to this world on the next.
The third is a bunch of six is starting with Shama.
The fourth is the intense desire to attain salvation.
These of the four steps involved in attaining salvation.

Let us see them one by one.
•The concept of nitya and anitya.
This is to see whether the object is something permanent or destroyable. What is permanent is worth seeking after and attaining. What is the use of running of the something that is just destroyable? The Shastras say whatever  is conducive to salvation is something that can be classified as nitya. all the  rest are anitya.
Therefore whenever we seek something, we need to determine this thing  and decide how much effort to put into it. I buy something to eat. Once I eat it will get digested in about six hours. No doubt it gave me some energy but it is gone in a few hours. Seeing it in the proper perspective helps me to determine how much effort I should put into obtaining this. I can also decide whether I should eat to live or I should live to eat. Reading a blog like this is nitya as such enquiries can lead to finding your route to salvation. :-))
If we start looking at everything in this manner soon we'll find that we don't need several things essentially. Therefore we can stop clamouring after them. What we really need is food, clothing and a place to stay.That is all. If we seek more things, life may become more problematic.

• The second is not to have any craving, intense desire pertaining to this world on the next. Buddha said that desire is the root of all evil. If we crave for something we try hard to reach it. We get angry and frustrated is something stands in the way. For spiritual evolution this craving (kama) and anger (krodha) are counter-productive. Desire is not just something that pertains to this world. It can be something like "I want to go to swarga where I can be very happy." And therefore I want to do some pujas and havans. Though superficially this seems to be something good and desirable in reality it is not so. This is also something that can potentially create problems, just like the worldly desires.

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