Friday, November 26, 2010

the attractions of wealth and nastikas..

Wealth is another attraction. This incites one to indulge in worldly things. Satana becomes a little too tiring. The spiritual progress comes to a standstill. Senses have a field day seeking food for themselves. Mind will never be satisfied with what one has. Whatever you earn there is still something more to be acquired! So the balance of mind is lost and so is peace of mind!
So does that mean we should not earn or money is not needed to live?
No, it is not like that! We should not run after money. Whatever we get through the job that we do, should be enough and we should try to live within that means. We will get what we are entitled to by laws of karmaa. Let us try and be satisfied with that!

mūḍha jahīhi dhanāgamatṛṣṇāḿ
kuru sadbuddhiḿ manasi vitṛṣṇām
yallabhase nijakarmopāttaḿ
vittaḿ tena vinodaya cittam (bhaja govindam- 2)

“O fool! Give up the thirst for acquiring wealth
Devote your mind to thoughts on the Reality
Be content with what comes
Through the actions that you did in the past”

The caution about the nastikaas is the next in the list. Such a thing will make you indulge in the worldly things again. One might think about these things a lot – whether to leave such attractions and indulge is your choice- but one you have entered a path of devotion it is foolish to turn back to these things. We will neither shine in the chosen worldly path nor make any spiritual progress! Confusion is the only certain outcome of it!

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