Thursday, November 25, 2010

Training cont...

Actions of this kind will naturally be right and not adharmic. And it will give good results. So says the sage Narada.
" 63. Sthreethana nasthika vairi charithram na sravaneeyam" - narada bhakti sutra.
That means, don't listen to the descriptions and stories of ladies, money, the atheist and your enemies.
This is nothing derogatory about ladies, what he wants to convey is the attraction between the male and the female of the species. Usually for the males these feelings are more predominant and therefore the sayings all like that.
These things feed the development of kaama and krodha. Kaama is as powerful as wildfire, and as destructive too. Left alone, it can destroy a man by consuming all his powers of mind, and his spiritual strength. Many satakas fail in this test somewhere along the line of spiritual progress. Most of us know the story of vishwamatra. In order to become a brahma risi he did tough penance. Still, he fell to the charms of apsaras sent by Indra. This kaama is very powerful and can upset -at least momentarily - even big gnanies.

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