Thursday, November 18, 2010

see a different classification...

Let us now see a different kind of classification of bhakthi.
Bhaya bhakthi seeing God in an idol, a number, the picture, the book or in some other object. God will be in the temple or some room, not elsewhere. The God here is all powerful. If you pray to him worship him and offer objects to him and demand something God will grant that. Most of the people are of this kind. In such people tamas is predominant.

The next ananya bhakti. This is a private relationship between the individual and God. This is usually intense. Such people will even fight with God and demand that God does such and such thing to them. When things go wrong, they will even blame the God and even cry that God is testing them. People with rajasic guna or of this kind. In this concept, there is only one God and he is in the form that one imagines . He is in my heart, and he is mine, is my ishta devatha. He is manifesting to others in some other form. People who have this concept will not criticise others their way of praying or worship.

Next is ekanta bhakthi. This is the bhakthi of pure saatvic people. These people offer bhakthi to God without any reason. That is no bargain in this. There is nothing like I offer this to you and you give me this . Whatever the external environment happiness or sadness, riches or penury, the life is full of roses or troubles,- nothing will change the attitude towards God. This person's God is always and everywhere stayed with him.

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