Thursday, November 4, 2010


The fourth step is the intense desire for mukthi. In samskrit it is called mumuksha.

Once a disciple was pestering his guru to show him God. The Guru replied that if he has intense desire to see God he can see Him. The diciple was insisting that he had intense desire, but still he could not see God. One morning, the guru went to the river to have a bath. The disciple went along with him. When they were in the water the guru suddenly pushed the disciple inside the water and held him there. The disciple did his best to come to the surface, but the guru was too strong for him. When the disciple had almost lost hope, the guru released him. The disciple asked the guru, "what did you do that far?" The guru asked him, "what were your thoughts when you were immersed in the water? " Oh guru, my only thought was how to get free from your grip, in order to come to the surface and take in air. "Didn't you have any other thought?" "Oh no, I did not have any other thought. My only intense desire was to breathe free." The guru told him then,"If you can have similar intense desire, you can see God."

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