Monday, November 22, 2010

redirect the senses....

The animals which are bound and led by senses at the most suffered a little due to the new attachments. But the man acquires a little bit of papa also.
The person in the bhakthi route has to take some action regarding the senses. To negate the sensory inputs is possible, but that will not come under the subject of bhakthi. The kind of people who follow this course of bhakti are mostly simple folks who may not have the power of mind to do so.
Therefore in bhakthi, all the senses are the other results of the senses like kaama and krotha are redirected towards God. Just like the farmer redirects the flow of water to the fields that require it by blocking the flow onwards and making a small breach the bank of the channel in the direction of the field.
If you must have desires, desire to see God. If your mind must burn for something, let it be with the feeling that you can't live without God and that your mind will be in peace only with him. All these will make kaama the "lust" pure!
If you have to get angry let it be with God who is not taken you into his fold yet.
If you want be very possessive let it be with God . Like " This is my God. He belongs to me only". This makes lobha (avarice) and moha (infatuation) pure.
The attitude that "Oh God, you cannot escape me. I will conquer you; I will lock you up in my heart. I will spend all my education, wealth and power in catching hold of you". Such a haughty, insolent attitude is okay with spirituality (bhakti).
When we see someone who has advanced in spirituality if you start crying, "Oh God, you have made these people so much advanced spiritually; why is that you don't let me advance?" - this matsarya (jealousy) is pure.
Redirecting the attachments that come through our senses towards God, we develop non-attachment towards the worldly things and our attachment to God will increase.
Thiruvalluvar says
"Patruga patratraan patrinai Appatrai patruga patru vidarkku" meaning if you want to renounce desires catch hold of thee feet of the one who has no desires.

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