Thursday, November 11, 2010

qualities we need...

Having covered the fundamentals let us go ahead now and see what  qualities we need to develop to progress in the Bhakti yoga.

1. The first is training. This involves thinking about God, without a wavering mind. If you want to ask me now, how that is possible....b ear with me a bit more and I will tell you in a later chapter.

2. The next is vivēka. That this discrimination, we need to know what is right and what is wrong. we must choose the right one always.

3. The third is vimōha. While moha is intense lust in the worldly matters, vimoha is escaping from it or not having that.
4. The fourth is Satya. That is truth. Whatever route is followed. We should observe these. They should be thinking truth speak the truth and follow whatever our inner mind says.

5. The fifth is arjava. This is honesty.

6. The sixth is kriya. This means doing good to all the living beings. Since God is present in every being doing good to all the living beings is equivalent to doing good to God.

7. The seventh is kalyāṇa. This does not mean marriage! It is another word that comes from samskrit, but finds wrong usage by and large. This really means that they should be kind to everyone and wish them well. When we pray to God, they should be praying that everyone should be fine in the world should be in in peace.

8. The eighth is dayā . This is compassion to all god loves us all and this forgiving. Those of us who try to reach out to him, should also behave like him in a matter of compassion.

9. The ninth is ahimsa. ahimsa is not hurting other living beings, but mind or action.

10. Dana: This is to give poor people with pure mind, whatever you can afford .

11. Aṉavastā : This is to be cheerful and confident always.

These are the eleven things that the person in bhakthi yoga who is serious about it must follow. If we don't have these qualities, we must try to develop them.


Feel free to ask questions (if genuine!)