Tuesday, November 2, 2010

more on the group of six...

Renunciation is also called Uparati. Renunciation is not inaction. On the other hand, it is declining the fruits of our actions whether they are good or bad or of a mixed nature. One is expected to do one's duty. We do many things apart from that, desiring some result. Those who are serious about spiritual evolution should strive to minimise these extra efforts as far as possible. Apart from duty and our actions must be directed towards fulfilling the wordly minimum requirements.

Endurance is called Titiksha . It is to control the emotions when the lust and anger raise to the surface. These are the two emotions that mainly stand in the way of controlling the mind.

Samadhana is to keep the mind in such a state that is receptive to contemplation of philosophy. Many of us hear quite a bit of philosophical lectures and feel elevated. When we listen to them, we are absolutely certain in our mind that they are correct. Unfortunately, by the time we reach home, the mind is back to its old ways. All the philosophy that we heard and resolved to follow have already gone with the wind! We should not let this happen. We should keep the philosophy in mind and contemplate on it whenever we find time.
To have absolute faith and love for the Guru, the God and the Shastras is calledd Shradhdha. If you don't have these, we are likely to get a lot of doubts, and all the progress that we make is likely to come to a standstill.

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