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Bhakti route.

Now let us see all the four routes.

The first route is the Bhakti route.

Let us start this with a post on Lord Ganesh.

From ஆன்மீகம்4டம்ப்மீஸ்
In India most of the work is begun, with a puja to lord Ganesha. Whether the person prays to lord Shiva, or Vishnu or any other deity. He begins doing so, with lord Ganesha. thus no one dislikes lord Ganesha. He is liked by all.
Ganesha is the most worshipped God in tamilnadu. Perhaps except Maharashtra, this worship is most prevalent in Tamil Nadu. You can find a temple for him in every nook and corner of all villages towns and cities.
When you say Tamil, a name that springs to mind very easily is avvaiyar.
Our Lord Ganesha it's a very good friend her. Let us see the story regarding these two.
Sundara, the nayanmar, having travelled the breath and width of of Tamil Nadu worshipping Lord Shiva in several places, finally got vexed. He cried out , ” where am I going to get salvation?why are you testing me? please take me to your abode as soon as possible.” Lord Shiva took pity on him and instructed Lord Indra to send Iravada - his elephant to bring back sundara.
His order was carried out duly and Sundara started going to mount Kailash. His dearest friend cheran perumal saw him flying towards Kailash and asked him where he was going. Sundara replied that was going to Kailash. Cheran perumal uttered the pancakshara in the ear of his horse and the two started flying behind sundara. Seeing this his troops committed suicide and followed their king in their astral bodies
when this procession was passing through Tirukovilur they saw the old woman poet Avvaiyar offering prayers to lord ganesha. They called out to how friend come with us to Kailash. Avvaiyar replied, “I will come after my pujas, so you people go ahead”. So they went ahead. Lord Ganesha was pleased with her devotion and appeared in person to partake, whatever she had to offer.

Lord Ganesha ate it at leisure. Then he asked her what she wanted. Avvaiyar said, “apart from your blessings, what more would I want?” Lord Ganesh said, “Ok, let me hear a poem. Then she started singing “seetha kaLaba senthaamarai...”. Ganesha was so pleased with her that that he lifted her by this trunk and placed her in front of Lord Shiva and Parvati in mount Kailash.
After some time sundara and the entourage came along and were surprised to see her there. They wondered how she reached Kailash before they did. So avvai sang another song that goes:

matura moḻi nalumaiyāḷ ciṟuvaṉ malaraṭiyai
mutira niṉaiya vallārk(ku) aritō? mukilpōl muḻaṅki
atiravarum yāṉaiyum tērum ataṉpiṉ ceṉṟa
kutiraiyum kātam kiḻaviyum kātam kula maṉṉaṉē

(மதுர மொழி நல்உமையாள் சிறுவன் மலரடியை
முதிர நினைய வல்லார்க்(கு) அரிதோ? முகில்போல் முழங்கி
அதிரவரும் யானையும் தேரும் அதன்பின் சென்ற
குதிரையும் காதம் கிழவியும் காதம் குல மன்னனே)

meaning “for those who contemplates always on the lotus feet of the son of parashakti any chariot, elephant, horse and foot soldiers have to follow at a distance.”


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